Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons for All Ages & Ability Levels

Our expert coaches are Titleist TPI certified and work with golfers of all ages and ability levels. Whether your goals are to learn the game for the first time or competing at the highest level, we customize a plan designed specifically for you. Work one on one or join a group class or clinic.


The golf swing is not a secret knowledge available to only a select few. At SwingFast, we empower you to understand the golf swing so that you can self correct, in many ways, becoming your own coach. Our instruction not only helps you with how to get into the right positions but also teaches you WHY it is important and what to do when your swing breaks down.      


The golf swing is an explosive movement. If you want to hit consistent shots with distance, you have to develop the strength and power to create and counteract the forces needed to generate speed.


Come alone or with a group and play our fun but challenging mini golf course. Enjoy the sound of the waterfall and meet our 2 local resident goats.

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