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Website Audit - Lead-Generation Effectiveness

Is your website providing the best impression of your business? Is it capturing the maximum number of leads from your site visitors? Let me take a peek at your website and let you know in what areas can improve, based on the following factors:   

  • First Impression - design, graphics, marketing copy effectiveness
  • Lead-Capture - do you have a compelling reason on your website to encourage site visitors to share their contact info with you
  • Ease of navigation - how easy is it to find what users are looking for
  • Pages Load-Time - websites that have slow-loading pages are more likely to be abandoned by website visitors

✅ Send me a your web address to with " Free Website Audit" in the EMAIL SUBJECT LINE

✅ Let me know if you have any special concerns about your website.

✅ Share with me any other info you think I should know regarding your website 

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